Hands that forge the steel,
hands that play with the fire.

Hands that grab a bronze hammer and beat incessantly in order to obtain the desired shape.
Hands by hands that transform a piece of steel into a precision tool.
Hands that finally use this precision tool on the hair, cutting and thinning.

Hands, again and again, always.
Bmac is a hands story.
Hands that sweat passion, expert hands, never stopping hands.
There are hands whose destiny is to be special hands, these are the hands of a craftsman who, anchored to an ancient tradition, forges and then shapes the steel of our hairdressers’ scissors as he pleases.

In BMAC we have these craftsmen, envied all over the world, because they still do with love and passion what the others do with the machines, with the robots, with the mass production…

…they do the best Japanese hairdressers scissors in the market.

In this globalised world, we are – let me say luckily – a hands story.

I saw their hands, tired, dirty, calloused, wounded.
I saw the story passing through the wrinkled skin, the broken fingernails, the filth that cannot be cleaned anymore, not even with the hand washing paste, because my craftsmen – in Bmac – are not interested in having beautiful hands. They only care about using their hands properly, like in the old days. Otherwise they would not know how to make our precious handmade Japanese hairdressers scissors. I would like to say almost the only ones left in the professional market.

That’s why I am proud of it.

I love their hands, I love taking pictures of them, in their hands I read the story and the past, which in Niigata dates back to the 14th century, when the first thriving markets flourished along the Shinano river. At the time, the city was an important military base in the Samurai era. The wars lasted for three long centuries and when they ended, dozens of smiths – specialized in the arms construction  – dedicated themselves to the production of different tools instead of the weapons.

This is where the story begins with the flourishing production of useful tools like knives and scissors.
This is where our hands story begins, up to nowadays, up to Bmac Scissors Niigata Japan days.
Simply a long, very long, hands story…

Luca Masper,

Proud European Distributor of Bmac Scissors Niigata Japan