The SUPER GOLD 2 steel!


Why are the hairdressers scissors BMAC Scissors Niigata Japan different from all the others? Our secret is the exclusive “SUPER GOLD 2” steel!

You should know that the process for synthesizing materials for conventional scissors – generally speaking of our competitors – involves melting steel, adding various alloys, pouring the mixture into a mould, and hardening. This approach is inexpensive. However, the quality of the material is not uniform, since the various alloys have differing specific gravities and melting points.

The process for synthesizing “Super Gold 2” steel of BMAC scissors employs a powder metallurgy technology for “atomizing” molten steel, to form very tiny grains, that are very finely and thoroughly distributed uniformly in a durable tempered base material (Martensite).

Features and Benefits
of “SUPER GOLD 2”:

Blades have greater flexibility, fatigue-resistance, and wear-resistance.

Blade deformation and distortion are greatly reduced with “Super Gold 2.

Blades have a uniform hardness, and are easily sharpened and polished.

This process enables us to create a blade with a cutting edge that will stay sharp longer, because of the blades’ super wear resistance.