Bmac patented mechanism

Bmac is a leading company in the markets of technology, design, research and original Japanese craftsmanship.

The Bmac contact point mechanisms are the result of a continuous research work in order to find the best performance and the best comfort for the hairdressers.
They have been studying to provide an incomparable feeling of softness and smoothness, together with power and durability.


Contact point mechanism with ball bearing system built into the bolt for a very smooth cutting movement. You will feel the accuracy and precision of this handmade mechanism.


Contact point mechanism with a superior ball bearing integrated into a secure nut system, very smooth and precise.


Contact point mechanism with ball bearing and a disc inserted between the moving blade and the still blade. A patented disc-shaped contact point for the smoothest cutting feeling, with no friction. Japanese Utility Model Registration No. 3120056


Contact point mechanism with ball bearing system and with the springy resin packing inserted between the two blades in order to have flexibility and no friction between the metal parts. You will feel an incomparable smoothness, like a “silky” effect. Japanese patent No. 4099416