Frequent questions

Which is the address of the Bmac authorized service centre?

Your BMAC SCISSORS should always and exclusively be sent to the BMAC scissors European headquarter, based in Bergamo (Italy).
The address is:
JTBrands di Masper Luca
Via Pescaria, 14 – 24123 BERGAMO – Italy
phone +39 035 400488 – email

How can i send my Bmac scissors to the Bmac authorized service centre for the resharpening and repairing service?

Place your BMAC SCISSORS in a sturdy box or in a padded envelope in order to protect them during the transport. Please put a rubber band around the tip so the blades do no open during the mailing process. Also, we suggest that you pack your BMAC SCISSORS into their case or wrap them in tissue paper, paper towel, or plastic wrap for more protection.
Remember to include your business card or your contact details (name, address and phone number) so that our authorized BMAC service centre can easily contact you.

Post your scissors to:
JTBrands di Masper Luca
Via Pescaria 14
24123 Bergamo – Italy

It is helpful if you advise us of any specific problems you may be experiencing with your scissors. 
If you need a new finger rest, please ask us.

Should you have any query, please contact Raffaella Maffeis at +39.035.400488 or at and she will answer all your questions and help you in organizing the sending of your BMAC SCISSORS.

How much does the repairing of my Bmac scissors cost? And what kind of assistance do you provide?

The assistance begins when we receive your BMAC SCISSORS at the BMAC European headquarter in Bergamo, Italy.
When receiving your BMAC SCISSORS, our BMAC assistant will:

    • check the serial number of your BMAC SCISSORS
    • register the repairing and resharpening service in our customer data sheet
    • inspect the problems of your scissors and write an accurate and detailed report
    • pack your BMAC SCISSORS and send them to the BMAC manufacturer in Niigata, Japan

Once in Niigata, your BMAC SCISSORS are ready for the second phase of the assistance service. Master Japanese craftsmen will personally take care of your BMAC SCISSORS and they will:

    • read our accurate and detailed report about your scissors and carefully check and inspect them
    • completely repair your BMAC SCISSORS, particularly they will: resharpen the blades, check the mechanism, replace the missing parts
    • write a second accurate report about your scissors with the explanation of the service done
    • repack and resend the scissors to the Bmac European headquarter in Bergamo

There, the last phase of the assistance begins. In the Bmac European headquarter, our quality inspector will:

    • read the report written by the Japanese craftsmen
    • carefully check the quality of the repairing service
    • resend the scissors directly to your salon with express delivery service

The repairing and assistance service of BMAC SCISSORS costs 45 euro + 25 euro for the transport service. The payment should be done by bank transfer or PayPal before the sending of the repaired scissors to your salon.

How long does it take to repair my Bmac scissors

The BMAC manufacturer in Niigata, Japan, carries out the repairing and resharpening service of all the BMAC SCISSORS.
For this reason, please consider approximately 40 – 45 days in order to receive your scissors back.

I sent my Bmac scissors for the repairing and resharpening service, can i have a replacement scissors?

Unfortunately no. At the moment we do not have a rent service for replacement scissors.

I dropped my Bmac scissors. What should i do?

Do not panic! All our BMAC SCISSORS are forged from a single piece of steel. This is what allows us to sharpen our scissors as required, thus guaranteeing excellent results, with incomparable durability. When scissors dropped, blades can nick; so pick them up and try to open and close them with great care. If you feel a “nick” while opening and closing your BMAC SCISSORS, then call +39.035.400488 or write at and Raffaella Maffeis will answer you and give you assistance on the repairing of your scissors.

I was in a hurry and i gave my Bmac scissors to another non-authorized service centre and now I think they have been ruined. What should I do?

Your BMAC SCISSORS should always and exclusively be sent for the repairing service to our authorized service centre:
JTBrands di Masper Luca
Via Pescaria, 14
24123 BERGAMO (Italy)
+ 39 045 400488

We accept no liability for any damage or problems caused by the resharpening or servicing carried out by a non-authorized Bmac service centre.
In case you gave your BMAC SCISSORS to a non-authorized service centre and they have been ruined, we try to repair your BMAC SCISSORS at our very best, restoring the original concavity or convexity of the blades. We cannot guarantee the perfection of the result: it depends on the condition of the blades and on the damage degree.

Do you only resharpen Bmac scissors?

Yes, we only resharpen and repair BMAC SCISSORS.
We do not resharpen any other scissors brands. In case you will send us other scissors brands, we will return them to you without any repairing service and we will ask you to refund us the transport cost.

I would like to buy Bmac scissors on the website. How can I pay for them?

If you are interested in purchasing your BMAC SCISSORS on our website you can pay by:

    • credit/debit card
    • bank transfer
    • PayPal

Can I use the tests, photos and videos of this website?

No, all the design and content of this website (including texts, information, pictures, movies, brand logos and names, slogans, etc.) are copyright of JTBrands di Masper Luca. You are not allowed to use or reproduce anything as this may constitute an infringement of the holders’ right.