We congratulate you on your purchase and we thank you for choosing our company.
Bmac Scissors Europe studies and produces the highest quality hairdressers scissors all over the world and is a leading company in the markets of technology, design, research and original Japanese craftsmanship. We have been studying the ergonomic features of the hand and we have been looking for and choosing the highest quality steel in order to design and produce our Bmac scissors.
Thanks to the results we obtained with our work, you will be able to enjoy and use with great satisfaction our excellent products, that are entirely handmade with great care by master Japanese craftsmen, handing down the time-honoured Japanese tradition of steel forging.

In the next few lines you will find some helpful suggestions and some advice on how to use and keep your new Bmac scissors in order to obtain the best from them.

Please take a few minutes of your precious time to read – with attention and curiosity – our “memorandum”.


Bmac Scissors Europe

When your Bmac scissors are brand-new and when you receive them back from our repairing and sharpening service, the blades are very sharp and the cutting edge is extremely precise. So, your Bmac scissors will need a “warm up” period in order to achieve the best and perfect cutting condition.

We suggest a “warm up” period for the first 5-10 hair cuts. During these first hair cuts, please be extremely careful and use your Bmac scissors softly, not making powerful cuts. This way you will be able to enjoy your Bmac scissors at the highest level and get an excellent cutting condition and feeling over time.

Our Bmac scissors are high performing scissors and precision tools, so you will have to get used to their higher and different performance. Consider your purchase as a long-term investment and you will see that our Bmac scissors will actually cost less because they will last much longer.
When you buy a new pair of Bmac scissors, they will probably feel quite different from the scissors you have used before, so please take the time to get used to their sharpness and to their feeling.


When they are new, your Bmac scissors are in the best condition and they do not need any adjustment.
In the future if you might feel that your scissors need to be adjusted, please follow this method with great care and attention:
· if you think that the tension is too loose, then rotate the screw in clockwise direction
· if you think that the tension is too tight, then rotate the screw in anticlockwise direction.

Either case, please adjust the screw little by little and do not loosen or tighten the screw too much. Please be extremely careful in doing this adjustment and never disassemble the mechanism of your Bmac scissors.

Bmac Scissors Europe guarantees complete control over every single pair of scissors we produce and sell. Yet, if you might experience some problems/inconveniences, please contact our agent/distributor or contact us directly.


The sharpening of the scissors should usually be done once a year. If hair slips on the blades toward the tip of the scissors or if the scissors do not cut as good as they used to, it means that it is time to get the scissors sharpened.

Contact your Bmac agent or the Bmac agent nearest you in order to receive all the information about the sending of your scissors for the repairing service.

Please make sure that for the repairing and assistance service you only and exclusively apply to an authorized Bmac agent/distributor, so that your Bmac scissors will be repaired with the original spare parts and with the use of specific sharpening tools in order to guarantee a perfect and long lasting cutting condition to your scissors.

The Bmac manufacturer and the Bmac agent/distributor accepts no liability for any damage or problem caused by the resharpening or servicing which has been carried out by a non authorized service centre or sharpener.

For information on how to have your Bmac Scissors repaired,
please contact our customer service:

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