Technical advice / Care instruction

In the next few lines you will find some helpful suggestions and some advice on how to use and keep your new Bmac scissors in order to obtain the best from them over time.

  • When your Bmac scissors are brand-new and when you receive them back from our repairing and sharpening service, the blades are very sharp and the cutting edge is extremely precise.  For this reason, it is very important that – for the first cuts – you use your Bmac scissors softly and gently, avoiding both powerful cuts and sliding cuts
  • After each hair cut, please clean your Bmac scissors with our Bmac microfiber cleaning cloth and store them in a dry and safe place, such as a case. Do not store them in a humid place in order to avoid rust
  • Your Bmac scissors were designed and built by using very sophisticated and precious parts, so do not disassemble the scissors at any time. If you disassemble the mechanism and then if you do not assemble it properly, you cannot expect the original perfect cutting performance any more
  • Do not leave the scissors blades open and do not use the blade as a knife, always keep them in the closed condition
  • Do not place or carry scissors on top of each other as it may cause damage to the blades or mechanism
  • Avoid placing too strong pressure with your thumb on the thumb ring, because this pressure might cause an unequal strength proportion on the blades, thus compromising the perfect cutting condition of the scissors
  • Do not use the scissors in case the silencer comes off and do not continue to use the scissors when there are nicks along the blades because your hand might be injured or you might enlarge the damage
  • If hair slips on the blades toward the tip of the scissors or if the scissors do not cut as good as they used to, it means that it is time to get the scissors sharpened. Please contact our BMAC Scissors Europe customer service at +39 035
  • Please pay special attention not to drop the scissors because you might cause unexpected damages or break the blades
  • Do not use oil, corrosive liquids or chemical solutions on your scissors
  • When you carry your scissors or send them for the sharpening and assistance service, please put them into their special case provided on purchase
  • Do not place near magnetic objects and do not use any magnetic case in order to avoid unexpected problems and troubles