LOVE OFF LEFTY – for left-handers

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Look at the LOVE scissors from every angle, you will immediately realise that it is a BMAC scissors. Immediately. The distinctive features of LOVE are its unique and clear design, the meticulous attention to detail in the handmade realisation of its finger rings and its stretched outline together with the rounded tips. It is a high performing model at a very affordable price.
Our intention was to surprise the hairdressers’ world with a new amazing “basic” series studied and designed for left-handers hairdressers. We have managed to do it pretty well!

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You will fall in LOVE
since the very first cut!

Technical features

Entirely hand-made in Japan.

Each scissors has its own serial number so that we can guarantee the uniqueness of each model.

Size: 5.50 / 6.00
Handle: offset
Finger rest:
 single, detachable, and cylindrical
Mechanism: adjustable screw


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