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Its presence would be enough to intimidate!

Black as night, powerful as thunder, but light as a feather! Jet Black is a model that cannot go unnoticed. With its offset handle, its comfortable camel hump for the index and middle fingers and its countersunk finger holes for a soft grip, without feeling annoying roughness on the fingers.
Fixed and modern designed finger rest, ball bearing mechanism and flat shape, following BMAC traditional style.

Jet Black is a matte-black model, light, precise and perfectly balanced. You would definitely love the feeling while touching and using it and, during your little breaks, you could enjoy looking at it!

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Perfectly balanced:
you would definitely love the feeling while touching and using!

Technical features

Entirely hand-made in Japan.

Each scissors has its own serial number so that we can guarantee the uniqueness of each model.

Size: 5.50 / 6.20
Handle: offset
Finger rest:
single, fixed
Mechanism KMBB®: superior ball bearing mechanism integrated into the “flat” bolt and locked into a secure nut system


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