925,00 VAT excluded

Go Slow!!!

A literal name for this legendary Bmac slider!!

Thanks to its 60° obtuse angle, this scissors does not cut, it slides!

We balanced the weight of the scissors towards the tip to provide an ideal tool for the slide cutting.  Straight handle, superior ball bearing and unique and patented disc-shaped contact point. During each repairing service, the Bmac craftsman changes the inside disc in order to always guarantee the perfect balance between the fulcrum and the blade.




Fun is the keyword
with this amazing Bmac scissors!

Technical features

Entirely hand-made in Japan.

Each scissors has its own serial number so that we can guarantee the uniqueness of each model.

Size: 6.00
Handle: straight handle
Finger rest:
double, detachable, cylindrical and engraved with the Bmac logo
Mechanism SPN®: superior ball bearing, unique and patented disc-shaped contact point


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