RATIO 2743

 1.235,00 VAT excluded

Do you need a fast and powerful thinning scissors?

Here we are! Thanks to its 27% cutting ratio and its wonderful “deep U” shaped teeth, this amazing Bmac RATIO 2743 is a very aggressive and fast scissors, very fast!

With very few and skilful cuts you will surprisingly transform your customers and create a unique and amazing style. RATIO 2743 is a wonderful thinning model, with specific technical features that make it similar to a Bmac cutting scissors.

Natural slides, clear and powerful cuts: advanced technical features that only a Bmac thinning scissors can have.



Addressed to expert hairstylists,
who love the power and the speed!

Technical features

Entirely hand-made in Japan.

Each scissors has its own serial number so that we can guarantee the uniqueness of each model.

Size: 6.00
cutting ratio:
teeth: 43
straight handle
Finger rest: double, detachable, asymmetrical, cylindrical and engraved with the Bmac logo
Mechanism SPN®: superior ball bearing, unique and patented disc-shaped contact point


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