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Simply look at it and you will exclaim: “wonderful!”
We are used to study, design and create wonderful and unique scissors, that then everyone else copy.

In the case of the LEGGERA not only did we study its wonderful design, but we also studied with great attention the morphology of the hand. The handle of the LEGGERA is the best handle that you can find in the worldwide market of high-end handmade Japanese hairdressers scissors.

The thumb immediately finds its comfortable place and the ring finger together with the rest of the hand naturally lay down on the scissors handle.

The newly designed finger rest completes the work: the LEGGERA will fit like it is tailored for you!
And the new concept contact point mechanism is the icing on the cake!

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Who wants to bet that soon
the LEGGERA will be yours?

Technical features

Entirely hand-made in Japan.

Each scissors has its own serial number so that we can guarantee the uniqueness of each model.

Size: 5.80 / 6.10
Handle: top comfort
Finger rest:
single, fixed
Mechanism SLK®: contact point mechanism with ball bearing system integrated into the bolt and with the springy resin packing inserted between the two blades in order to have a flexibility and no friction between the metal parts. You will feel an unequalled smoothness, like a “silky” effect. Japanese patent No. 4099416


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